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Intern's Story

Yingrak (Fon) Muansawad
Currently pursuing a master degree in Intercultural Communication and European
Studies at Fulda University
of Applied Science in Fulda, Germany.
Slingshot Group Intern from August - October 2016.

“The word “Internship” is not unfamiliar at all for university students but it can be quite frightening, especially when it is not related to own-field of studies. After deciding to try out something new, something that is different from political science, I joined Slingshot Group as an intern in Human Resource & Operations Team in 2016. It was an eye-opening experience. As a Slingshot intern, my major responsibilities included upgrading an onboarding program, translation of workshop materials, creating a guideline on sustainable resource usage at workplace and a special task in market research and data analysis. These tasks were something I had never done before and many business terms sounded unfamiliar to me. So learning-by-doing and logical thinking were key skills I picked up and practiced. One of my favorite aspects of my internship was the real-life work experience and the room for my creativity, which differed from previous internships. At Slingshot, I was welcome to express my ideas, thoughts and opinions. It felt rewarding to me that the assignments were applied in real situation in the end. I felt valuable as part of the organization! The office was new and modern and was equipped with all necessary facilities. As a small office, the working atmosphere was cozy and easy-going, and the hierarchy was quite unimportant which made communication easier. I felt comfortable and could simply get to know and reach out to my supervisors and other colleagues from different departments, who were just a few steps away. Working in a new and unfamiliar field raised a lot of challenges. I used to get nervous at every new task I got assigned to. Thanks to the advice and close guidance from my team, my worries and concerns eventually went away. At the end, I became confident about my abilities and skills. In closing, I gained deeper insights into corporate culture and human resources management as well as people development industry and it has helped me significantly with my choice of higher education and career planning. From my internship at Slingshot, I learned that “Effectiveness and Efficiency” is the concept to be professional.”