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Intern's Story

Panithan (Tip) Prasongsanti
Currently studying for the third year of BSc Business Administration at the University of Bath,United Kingdom.
Slingshot Group Intern from September 2016 - February 2017

“The first time I heard of Slingshot was when my mother enrolled in the Storytelling for Leaders program and I have since been interested in the nature of the business that they do. One of the main reasons I chose to do my internship with Slingshot is because I want to gain insights and explore more on the People Development field. During my internship, I was a part of the Sales team. My main responsability was taking care of the new clients that show interests in our company, however, due to the extended period of my internship, I had plenty of opportunities to work with both the Marketing and Client Service teams. I have learned a great deal by participating in many of the programs that Slingshot offers, for instance; the thoeries and principles of People Development from different HR professionals and Slingshot’s associates which play a big role in helping me see the big picture and understand how delicate People Development really is. I truly believe that the internship has given me the opportunity to learn and try out new skillsets that I’d never knew existed before joining this program. I would like to thank Slingshot Group for giving me the possibility to do so and to welcome me into their warm and loving family.”