Our Solutions : Coaching

Slingshot Coaching focuses on

‘Strengths-Based Coaching’, a cutting-edge approach of

cross-training through strength multipliers to create


Strength Multipliers

  • Research identified statistically correlated multiplier for each leadership strength
  • Developing through cross-training multipliers significantly improves leadership strength
  • Each multiplier provides a potential path for building on an existing strength

    Zenger Folkman

    Strategic Partner of Slingshot Group

Coaching Culture

Create and sustain high performing organization’ driven by on-going learning through strategic alignment. Internal coaching and process reinforcement.


  • Organization-tailored approach that address organization culture, strategy, and direction
  • Scalable transformation that results in business benefits, such as increase in productivity and job satisfaction.
  • Sustainable solution that yields long-term impact to organization

Talent Coaching

Coaching sessions that encourage sharing of ideas, concerns, career advancement plans, and matters beyond professional context


  • Prepares talents for future management and leadership roles.
  • Focuses on professional and personal matters that result in heightened performance.
  • Conducted mostly with paired support relationships between coach and coachee.

Team Coaching

Coaching incorporated in team context, creating conversation space focused on increasing alignment, goal setting, awareness of key issues, taking actions, and accountability.


  • Create team alignment through trust, commitment, and shared team goals.
  • Increase team effectiveness for organizational success.
  • Development through collective team wisdom from peer learning.

Executive Mentoring

Mentoring focuses on creating broader perspective on mentee’s career position through mentor’s experience to ensure career success in more complex leadership roles and organizational impact.


  • Enhance understanding of career path and provide necessary guidance to fulfill designated roles.
  • Expand network and connection of mentee to particular business industry.
  • Utilizing best practices from mentor’s direct experiences without trial-and-error process.

Executive Coaching

Organizational-driven coaching with emphasis in developing executive level leadership and skills which impact the entire organization.


  • Specific executive-level approaches in learning and development.
  • Incorporates organizational perspective for business result into coaching process.
  • “By engaging key stakeholder at all levels in the entire coaching process, organizational alignment and communication effectiveness could be observed. Slingshot Coaching that provides follow-up sessions focusing on enhancing team commitment helps the organizational to successfully justify measurable and results.”

    Managing Director
    Prinsiri PCL.

  • “Coaching of Slingshot Coaching are true experts in accelerating my leadership effectiveness.”

    Managing Director
    McKey Food Services

  • “ The approach used by Slingshot Coaching is not only enlightening, but also highly applicable. in addition to personal impact, the value spreads throughout teams and the organization. ”

    Executive Vice President
    Siam Gems Group

Drive bottom-line performance through enhancements aligned with strategic direction

Amplify leadership capabilities through impactful executive coaching approaches

Translate visions to result with strategic organizational interventions

Improve outcomes with individual and organizational empowerment engines